Enterprise Cloud & Colocation
The Cloud Made Easy

At Clarify360, we’re know that the way you deliver services to your organization is changing. We’re here to help your firm leverage technology for business advantage. The As-A-Service model provides companies with plug and play, scalable, consumption based services. Whether your environment is one of traditional colocation, hybrid footprint or 100% cloud forward workloads, our value lies in the deep expertise and vendor agnostic benchmarking we can provide.

Our Next Generation As-A-Service cloud portfolio coupled with our Traditional data center provider choices offers you an ecosystem of services to fit your business needs both today and moving forward.

"As-A-Service” Platforms & Compute Applications
  • Collocation
  • Public and Hybrid IaaS
  • Baremetal Workloads
  • Cloud Back up (BaaS)
  • Cloud DR (DRaaS)
  • Managed Core Business Applications

Preparing sophisticated Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for complex service sets; compiling/developing the design and baseline of services and costs included in a procurement; evaluating the financial, technical and operational aspects of RFP responses; negotiating bid improvements from suppliers across pricing, service levels and commercial terms; contract negotiations.

Our continual involvement in large procurement projects means we can provide clients with an accurate view of the evolving market.  We compare your current pricing, or a new offer, against the actual current market based on extensive, proprietary documentation of what is being paid for the same rate elements in the marketplace right now. We also benchmark service levels and commercial terms, and provide expert negotiators to help our clients obtain market leading pricing and terms.

We help clients develop network and technology solutions and strategies that are grounded in what is affordable, operationally feasible, and can be delivered by the market – all in a manner that will support end user requirements without over-specifying or gold-plating. Once the solution and technology strategy is complete we develop complementary sourcing strategies and roadmaps to procure and implement the required services and infrastructure.

Conducting detailed, comprehensive inspections of supplier billing data to identify prices that are higher than contracted rates and ‘orphan” services that are not under contract and therefore billed at exorbitant “rack rates”; actively seeking and presenting opportunities to optimize client use of provider services; working with clients and their suppliers to recover overbillings and implement optimization opportunities.  We can also offer expertise in negotiating existing contracts.