About Clarify360
Let us be your preferred current and next-generation sourcing partner

Clarify360 is a technology sourcing and benchmarking firm specializing in the discovery, planning and migration of connectivity, collaboration and cloud/colocation deployments globally. Experts with decades of experience lead each of our three practice areas: Connectivity, Collaboration, Cloud/Colocation.

We collaborate on each initiative, affording our clients expert strategy and execution without the overhead inherent in larger consulting practices. Our full service methodology encompasses planning and design through delivery and ongoing operation.

To be a preferred partner for global sourcing of current and next generation technologies.

  • We want to serve our customers as a loyal partner, and not act as an outsider, a vendor or a contractor. In other words, we thrive to provide customer satisfaction and contribute in their successful endeavors.

Affording our clients expert strategy around technology sourcing and benchmarking without the overhead inherent in larger consulting practices

  • Our ultimate goal is to ensure an excellent design and a sound financial approach to our client’s IT decision

Core Values provide the foundation to ensure that we perform at work, conduct ourselves properly and carry out the organization’s task while keeping in mind the highest priorities. Core Values should be used as the framework for decision making at all levels within the organization.

  • Customer Success: We exist because of our customers and whatever be the challenge, we want our customers to be always successful. We strive for customer delight and not just customer satisfaction.
  • Excellence: Excel in every step, not just “get by”. Work hard, learn and innovate.
  • Integrity: Be ethical and honest, do the right thing. Have a clear concise and concentrate on your commitments. Take responsibility when you mess up.
  • Courage: Take risks and seize opportunities. Take responsibility and be accountable. Communicate proactively and fearlessly.
  • Respect: Strive for a mutually respectful environment. Respect your customers and team members. Respect their time, contributions and perspectives.
  • Socially Responsible: Give back to the society. Be socially and environmentally sensitive.


We serve our customers throughout their technology lifecycle by delivering trusted, efficient, customer and value-centric traditional and next generation solutions


Saving customers money and time is what gets us in the door; it’s our customer-centric approach that keeps clients returning


Clients entrust us with the planning and procurement of the technology tools that transform technology into a business advantage