Message from CEO

Kelly Ratcliff | Chief Executive Officer, Clarify360

Clarify360 has a rich history of delivering real solutions and services to our clients. As business technology evolves, so too does Clarify360. When we launched the company, we understood that our success relies on several factors: the dedication and expertise of our team, the relationships we have cultivated with our vendors and partners, and the trust our clients place in us.

Information technology can play a key role in the success of an organization. As technology enables business, we offer solutions to help clients  do more, scale faster and respond rapidly to customer needs.

Clarify360 understands that, in an ever-connected, data-driven world, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We are committed to providing the best products and services the industry has to offer.

To our clients and partners with whom we work, we promise:

  • To earn the right to become a valued member of our clients’ trusted technology team
  • To engage industry leaders, on behalf of clients, to develop solutions that enable a competitive advantage in the market.
  • To foster a collaborative and dynamic working relationship with our clients and partners to ensure we deliver best in class technologies and services.
  • To develop a comprehensive project management strategy that allows for a seamless transition.
  • To maintain ongoing lifecycle management in order to maximize benefits of products and solutions.
  • To conduct business with the highest ethical and professional standards, and to have fun while doing so.
  • To build lifelong relationships, one client at a time.


Kelly Ratcliff, CEO