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  • Botnet of smart air conditioners and water heaters could bring down the power grid August 19, 2018
    If smart appliances that can be remotely controlled over the internet were to be compromised and used in a botnet, then attackers could cause local power outages or even large-scale blackouts, according to a presentation given by Princeton University researchers at the USENIX Security Symposium.This new class of attacks was dubbed MadIoT (Manipulation of demand […]
  • IDG Contributor Network: Balancing cybersecurity and regulatory compliance August 17, 2018
    Rigorous regulations like GDPR and California’s Consumer Privacy Act will only become more prevalent, as long as our current cybersecurity landscape continues to suffer the near-crippling data breach affliction. Attackers seem to be one step ahead of defenders, constantly changing their attack vectors as new technologies become available, such as artificial intelligence and automated bots. […]
  • IDG Contributor Network: Are you prepared for hurricane season? Disaster recovery and business continuity plan best practices August 16, 2018
    We are two months into the 2018 hurricane season, June 1 through November 30. Last year, Hurricane Harvey’s damage was estimated to be $190 billion and Irma’s share was $100 billion according to AccuWeather’s economic cost estimates for the 2017 hurricane season. So far, this year is being predicted as a much calmer year, but […]

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  • CIOs need to consider the human side of digital transformation August 13, 2018
    With the push for digital transformation, we see a growing need for different IT skills. This is nothing new, but this time it's happening faster.Technology and skills evolutions of the past Prior to being an analyst, I was in corporate IT and witnessed firsthand the impact technology evolution can have on people. I started my […]
  • IDG Contributor Network: The rise of hybrid cloud management August 10, 2018
    Over the last few years, hybrid cloud has gone mainstream across most enterprises. The change has been driven by two noticeable market shifts: The increasing heterogeneity of clouds, products, tools and technologies used by enterprises to support their business needs; and An increasing willingness by enterprise IT to embrace this pervasive and growing heterogeneity. This […]
  • 7 secrets to a successful multi-cloud strategy August 7, 2018
    For a growing number of enterprises, a migration to the cloud is not a simple matter of deploying an application or two onto Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or some other hosted service. It’s a multi-cloud strategy that’s a key part of a digital transformation initiative aimed at modernizing business processes.To read this article in […]

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  • Businesses need better automation to regain control of their data centers August 17, 2018
    The cloud continues to grow in popularity as businesses look to take advantage of digital trends. However, the term “cloud” is multi-definitional and means different things to different types of organizations. In the small-business segment, cloud likely means software as a service (SaaS), as those organizations want turnkey applications offered on a pay-as-you-go model. For larger […]
  • Cisco software, subscription strategies pay off August 16, 2018
    Cisco’s strategy of diversifying into a more software-optimized business is paying off – literally.The software differentiation was perhaps never more obvious than in its most recent set of year-end and fourth quarter results. (Cisco's 2018 fiscal year ended July 28.)  Cisco said deferred revenue for the fiscal year was $19.7 billion, up 6 percent overall, […]
  • Fiber transmission range leaps to 2,500 miles, and capacity increases August 16, 2018
    Fiber transmission could be more efficient, go farther, carry more traffic and be cheaper to implement if the work of scientists in Sweden and Estonia is successful.In a recent demonstration, researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, used new, ultra-low-noise amplifiers to increase the normal fiber-optic transmission link range six-fold.And […]

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