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  • Which data center intrusion prevention systems are worth the investment? NSS Labs tests 5 DCIPS products February 22, 2018
    Performance is critical when evaluating data center intrusion-prevention systems (DCIPS), which face significantly higher traffic volumes than traditional IPSes.A typical IPS is deployed at the corporate network perimeter to protect end-user activity, while a DCIPS sits inline, inside the data center perimeter, to protect data-center servers and the applications that run on them. That requires […]
  • Private data centers still alive and kicking February 21, 2018
    Earlier this month, Cisco updated its Global Cloud Index (GCI), giving rise to a number of news stories that were filled with doom and gloom for corporate IT departments. (Note: Cisco is a client of ZK Research.)For example, one of the articles stated that based on the GCI, cloud computing would virtually replace traditional data […]
  • IDG Contributor Network: Data center migration in 7 steps February 20, 2018
    When it comes to cloud migration, what kind of adopter are you? Did you jump on the cloud bandwagon early? Are you lagging behind, without having tried to virtualize anything yet? Or are you in the mainstream, with a mix of clouds and some systems on premises?In our cloud migration practice, we have found that […]

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  • Former CIO helps IT leaders navigate AWS cloud journeys February 19, 2018
    When Stephen Orban joined Dow Jones as CIO in 2012 he instinctively wanted to move the News Corp. subsidiary to the cloud. He knew he had to craft a new technology platform on which the company could build new digital products to boost top-line growth.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 13 emerging IT certifications for today’s hottest skills February 15, 2018
    IT is evolving rapidly, and the skills required to succeed in IT are changing quickly as well. Cloud computing, cybersecurity and data analytics are just a few of the skills employers will look for in the next few years, and several certifications are emerging to help you demonstrate your expertise.Global Knowledge’s 2017 IT Skills and […]
  • Oracle pitches autonomous capabilities for its entire cloud platform February 12, 2018
    Oracle is raising its bid to attract enterprises moving to the cloud  by extending AI-based automation throughout its PaaS (platform as a service) offerings, claiming that the new automated services will cut costs and reduce management headaches.The company is using AI techniques including machine learning to enable the various services in its Oracle Cloud Platform […]