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  • Concerned about smart TVs invading privacy, lawmakers ask FTC to investigate July 15, 2018
    Two senators, alarmed about the potential of smart TVs spying on users in the privacy of their homes, asked the FTC to “launch an investigation into the privacy policies and practices of smart TV manufacturers.”Wait, what year is this? There’s nothing new about smart TV spying. Zero-day vulnerabilities in Samsung Smart TVs were exposed at […]
  • IDG Contributor Network: Managed detection and response: disruptive approach or sheep in wolf’s clothing? July 13, 2018
    A visit to major security conferences, such as RSA and Black Hat, quickly demonstrates the industry’s love of hyperbolic rhetoric and absolutist promises of pan-threat protection. Of course, once the hype is replaced with deployments, real world delivery falls short of visionary promises. It’s a cycle of holy grail to fail.Recently, Gartner released the third […]
  • CSO Spotlight: Justin Berman, Zenefits July 13, 2018
    Name: Justin BermanCompany: ZenefitsJob title: CISOTime in current role: 10 months (since August 2017)Location: San FranciscoTo read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)

RSS Cloud/Collocation News

  • IDG Contributor Network: Why hybrid integration platforms are key to multi-cloud management July 11, 2018
    Digital transformation projects present “pervasive integration” challenges that are pushing IT leaders to redefine their integration infrastructure strategy. In fact, according to Gartner, 20% of large organizations are already beginning to implement a bimodal, DIY integration approach via Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIP) to enable seamless connectivity across the enterprise. This ability to integrate anything, anytime […]
  • Real-time insights drive better customer experiences July 11, 2018
    Sponsored by HPE -- Analytics and machine learning are a powerful combination for delivering real-time insights that help companies better serve customers, says Alan Crawford, CIO of City and Guilds Group. Learn more at
  • Automation’s critical role in IT July 9, 2018
    Sponsored by HPE -- Jason Oliver, Director of ICT with the Science Museum Group, explains how automation will help IT meet rising expectations. Learn more at

RSS Connectivity News

  • Two studies show the data center is thriving instead of dying July 13, 2018
    Once again research is showing that rumors of the demise of the data center are greatly exaggerated. One study shows across-the-board growth in IT spending, while a second predicts that the financial services sector is really set to explode.Market research firm IHS Markit surveyed IT managers at 151 North American organizations and found that most […]
  • Quantum-secured network ‘virtually un-hackable’ July 12, 2018
    A 75-mile, quantum-secured, high-speed fiber link has been built in the United Kingdom, the largest internet supplier there has said.Particles of light, known as photons, carry encryption keys over the same connection as data. Hijacking those photons within the link immediately notifies the system that the keys have become bad — the thief interfering with […]
  • Baidu takes a major leap as an AI player with new chip, Intel alliance July 11, 2018
    China’s Baidu made two big moves that are going to make it a major player in the artificial intelligence (AI) space: an extremely powerful new chip designed to compete with Google’s Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) and a wide-spanning alliance with Intel.First, the company introduced the Kunlun, a cloud-to-edge range of AI chips built to accommodate […]

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