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In a recent report, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) outlined the top 11 threats to cloud computing for 2020. Data breaches, misconfiguration and inadequate change control, a lack of cloud security architecture and strategy, and insufficient identity and access management were among the biggest security challenges for all industries operating in the cloud.

These issues are not unique to any particular industry, but fortunately, they have common solutions. It’s clear that protecting public cloud assets is key. COVID-19 pandemic was a major accelerant for organizations to quickly move forward with the migration of business infrastructure and applications to the cloud.

Cloud Controls and Breach Prevention are top of mind for IT leadership and team alike.

In this panel discussion, we’ll discuss the importance of cloud controls and breach protection during this accelerated move to the cloud

– What the C Suite Needs to Know about Cloud Security
– Why Cloud Security is not an IT problem, it’s a business problem
– The Revenue and Brand ROI of Preventing Data Breaches
– Real productivity results from correcting misconfiguration and inadequate change control
– The importance of building a cloud security architecture and strategy
– Why managing sufficient identity, credential, access, and key policies
– Cross Training and Upskilling your team

Jo Peterson, CEO & Co Founder, Clarify360
Ido Safruti, Co-founder and CTO of PerimeterX
Tina Gravel, EVP, Appgate
Charles Johnson, Cybersecurity Advocate, Anitian

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