BrightTALK | Cybersecurity Threat Detection and Prevention

Cyberthreats are viewed as a significant risk to organizations. They are capable of disrupting core operations and inflicting serious damage to brands and reputations.

A study by Cybersecurity Ventures predicts these crimes will cost the world $6 trillion a year by 2021.

August 17, 2020 | 

Join this panel discussion to:
– Review today’s expansive attack surface and the various ways bad actors penetrate networks
– Discuss existing and emerging cyber threats
– Understand policies, tools and best practices used to protect organizations as new threats emerge
– Explore the roles that user training and education, skill development and governance play in defending against threats

Jo Peterson, VP Cloud & Security Services, Clarify360 (moderator)
Adarsh “Adi” Pradeep, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Cloud
Stan Lowe, CISO, Zscaler
Dr. Richard Ford, CTO, Cyren

Jo Peterson BrightTALK cybersecurity webinar
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