BrightTALK | State of the Cloud Industry 2020: Where Are We?

About this webinar

The 2020 Cloud Computing Survey from IDG has found that 32 per cent of respondents’ organizations’ budgets are being spent on cloud computing – and that an incredible 59 per cent said their organizations would be mostly or all in the cloud within 18 months. With the steep rise of adoption seeing cloud continue to take a great leap forward, it’s time to assess the state of the cloud nation.

Join this panel of cloud and IaaS experts as they discuss the impact of cloud growth on not just the IT team – but the business as a whole. Topics of discussion will include:

– As cloud is evolving, is multi-cloud the future?
– How connecting and combining with other services in the cloud techscape can meet an unlimited number of application and data needs
– How ‘cloud is the answer’ as we enter challenging economic times prompted by COVID-19
– How cloud is calling for the addition of new cloud roles and functions, and the need to reskill IT for the cloud

Jo Peterson, Vice President Cloud Services, Clarify360 (Moderator)
Matthew Wallace, CTO, Faction
Yoav Einav, VP Product, Gigaspaces Technologies
John Gentry, CTO, Virtana
CloudHealth TBD

Live online Sep 17 8:00 am United States – Los Angeles
or after on demand 60 mins
Presented by
Jo Peterson (Clarify360), Matthew Wallace (Faction), Yoav Einav (Gigaspaces), John Gentry (Virtana) + CloudHealth TBD
Jo Peterson BrightTALK cloud webinar
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