Frequently Asked Questions

Our value is straight forward.  We provide no cost to client, agnostic sourcing expertise, often providing cost savings and always providing time savings.

Clients generally engage us to work on an optimization and cost saving opportunity for a specific set of services or with sourcing assistance around a brand new IT project

Clients are sometimes asked to save operational costs.  We work with them to define a project scope.  From there we often endeavor to maximize value from existing IT contracts.  Depending on the scope, Clarify360 can provide baseline assessments that include inventory, audit and a real time analysis of the current environment. 

Clarify360 provides agnostic solution sourcing based on a deep understanding of a client’s existing ecosystem and needs.  Understanding the current vendor landscape, we bring vendors to the table that only match your needs.  We work with our clients to normalize vendor data, SOWs and pricing provide.  We’ll provide custom tailored, comprehensive decision matrices.  Our goal is to enable you with relevant, score card based data to assist in your team’s decision making process. 

Yes. Our service is free to buyers.

Clarify360 earns a referral fee from the provider the client chooses after completing our strategic procurement process.  

Clarify360 provides no charge project management post sale

No, Clarify360 is a consulting firm.  All contracts and product SLAs are provided directly to our customers by the selected vendor. 

Absolutely! Clarify360 will offer an RFP service to support customers making complex purchases and or who just don’t have the time or resources themselves. 

Our suppliers are vetted through a detailed inquiry that includes data on reliability, finances, unique services, tier level and more. If customers have specific concerns or requirements that aren’t easily accommodated in the search options, Clarify360 will be more than happy to provide additional assistance. 

and security space.  Each specialist focuses on an area of expertise within our portfolio and has a deep understanding of current marketing offerings—feature, functionality and price points.  

We provide this expertise at no cost to your company.  Vendor selection and inclusion is completely at your discretion.  We offer a no risk approach to vendor sourcing.  Beyond time savings, many clients appreciate the insight and industry expertise we bring to bear. 

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