Inge Opreel is the  CIO of FARYS. It provides a range of services in the public domain for the participating cities and municipalities such as  the distribution and transport of drinking water, water sanitation and management of sports facilities. 
Like in many countries worldwide, the government in Belgium has mandated a national smart water meter rollout programme for its water utility providers​  FARYS is building  capability where Smart Meter data (consumption records every 15 minutes) could be collected, stored, analyzed and used to make better, more profitable and sustainable decisions​. With the avalanche of new data from IoT sensors and Smart meters, FARYS is reimagining business processes and remove redundancies in legacy processes​.  Revenue loss through water leaks can be quickly identified with IoT and edge computing to help the environment while achieving their corporate sustainability goals​.. Water quality can be improved.  Good for business, individuals  and the planet