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Why Clarify360

Clarify360 provides market intelligence and vendor matching strategies to drive business outcomes. As a solution agnostic advisor, we’re focused on finding the right solution for you — no strings attached. With more than 3,600 completed client engagements and decades of IT consulting and sourcing experience, our team knows how to drive success and remove complexity for clients.


We simplify technology buying by managing the entire process, from vetting to negotiating to purchasing.


Clarify360 cuts through the noise and elimiates bias, to ensure you understand the true value of every solution and get competitive pricing, terms, and service levels.


Our relationships with the leading service providers enables us to provide best-in-class network, cloud, security, and collaboration services.


We monitor pricing, bills, usage, and SLAs, to ensure the return on your technology investments.

The economics of

Optimized IT Sourcing

In a study on company size and IT spending, ROI consultancy Alinean compared the IT spending and performance ratios of publicly traded U.S. companies. The study divided companies into large (those with revenue of greater than $2 billion), medium sized (those with revenue of between $50 million and $2 billion) and small (those with revenue of less than $50 million). Here are some of the findings:

  • Small and medium-sized companies often outspend larger ones. The average small company spends 6.9% of revenue on IT. Mid-sized companies spend 4.1%. Larger companies spend 3.2% of revenue.
  • In a $1 billion company, that’s $6,900,000 a year in IT spend.  IT infrastructure in the form of monthly recurring fees for items such as connectivity, mobility, or collaboration tools often account for 50% of that spend. Savings on that $3,450,000 target can often equate to 20% annually or nearly $700,000.
  • These are often multi-year contracts, so the savings can be driven over a 2 to 3-year term.

Expertise Matters

Our Credentials

30+ Years' Experience

3000+ Satisfied Customers

30% Average Cost Savings

21 Hours Saved on Average

Client Successes

Case Studies

Financial Services

Cloud Streaming Application

Architected, optimized and automated a streaming application with over 2,000 users to managed AWS environment with an Apache Tomcat web tier and a MongoDB tier compressing a multi hour manual add of a new client to minutes.




Bot Mitigation

Reduced customer account fraud by $1.8 million monthly for global retailer with significant ecommerce profile by switching from reactive bot management to proactive identification and mitigation.



Multinational Chemical Company

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Consolidated multiple VPNs and provided 9,000 global end users with seamless remote access to applications and networks according to entitlement and client device health/compliance status



Rural Healthcare Facility

Email Security

Email Security–Sourced cloud based email security with message queuing and archiving to prevent ensure continuity, maintain HIPPA compliance and reduce internal email management cost by 80%.



Our clients

Industries We Serve

Financial Services



Private Equity




Engineers at Work

Our team specializes in the discovery, planning, and migration of cloud & colocation, connectivity, collaboration and mobility, and security service deployments globally. We simplify strategic sourcing for clients using our 6-xtep methodology. Hover over each step to see our process.

Baseline Audit

Step 1

  • Get Visibility: Every client engagement begins with Clarify360’s proprietary Strategic Baseline Inventory and Analysis.
  • Immediate Impact Review: We complete a thorough review of your current spend in every location, while developing an understanding of your future needs.
  • Quick Turnaround: A typical Inventory takes just a few weeks to complete, and there is never any direct or indirect cost to our clients.
  • Low-touch: Most importantly the time commitment is minimal.

Solution Design

Step 2

  • Integrate With Your Team: After project Kick-Off, weekly cadence is setup with primary points of contacts, with milestone meetings for key stakeholders.
  • Understanding Your Vision: A go-forward solution design is grounded in understanding the overarching vision and mission of client.
  • Bring Subject Matter Expertise: Clarify360 leverages its deal flow, market knowledge, and subject matter expertise to map new solutions that help client achieve their desired business outcomes.
  • Most importantly the time commitment is minimal./li>

Market Assessment

Step 3

  • Market Analysis: With a clear understanding of your current and future needs, our team analyzes all available carriers to identify those whose services are best aligned with your strategic requirements.
  • RFP Creation: We create a detailed bid package that is submitted to the most relevant vendors, and prepare an executive summary outlining your options.
  • 100% Vendor Neutral: Clarify360 leverages long-term relationships with over 300 global vendors, so our recommendations are always 10

Vendor Selection

Step 4

  • Project Management: Clarify360 coordinates meetings and continues negotiations with vendors (including the incumbent) who will deliver the most appropriate and effective solutions for your ongoing growth and competitive business needs.
  • Pricing: Our goal is to ensure that we provide you with the optimum solution at the best price.
  • Contract Negotiation: Clarity360 negotiates on your behalf to gain preferred contact terms, SLA commitments, and delivery support.
  • Most importantly the time commitment is minimal.

Service Delivery & Implementation Support

Step 5

    Assigned Resources: Each project is assigned an Implementation Manager to assist, manage, and support a successful service delivery.
  • Vendor Accountability: Clarify360 ensures vendors fulfill their commitment and contract agreement terms.
  • Issue Escalation: Our high-level relationships can be leveraged to escalate service delivery issues.

Life Cycle Management & Support

Step 6

  • Account Management: Once the installation is complete, your account is turned over to a Clarify360 Account Executive and a QBR cadence is established.
  • 30/60/90 Bill Review: We will ensure your first three month’s bills are accurate and vendor service and support are meeting expectations.
  • Account Maintenance: Help Desk Support, Telecom Expense
  • Management (TEM), and Moves, Adds, Changes, and Disconnect Services (MACDs).
  • Partners for the long-term: We offer a full suite of services to ensure that you get the best solutions at the be...

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